A Family Legacy of Builders


Bill Heers, Barbara Heers, J. Jean Heers and Frank W. Heers of Heers Corporation have built hundreds of homes in Owatonna, Faribault, Northfield, and Twin City Metro suburbs since 1969. Heers Corporation has also developed exciting and vibrant neighborhoods in Owatonna, MN and Faribault, MN.  We have a rich family history in the building business including:

Woodhaven CC in Palm Springs, CA
410 Chestut Lane under Construction

Harold Heers, builder of thousands of homes with his son "Hal" Heers, including, Woodhaven Country Club in Palm Desert, CA. Hal Heers set a record for building a home in 4 hours 18 minutes! Charles Heers apartment developer and builder of the Tuscony Casino in Las Vegas Nevada

John C. Heers, William Heers and Thomas Heers of Seranno Homes, San Bernadino, CA., Spring Creek Homes, Fort Collins, CO and hotel owners/developers in Utah.